I'm No Different
Like all other skaters, I too have a skate want list. If you have any of the following for trade or sale let me know. Let's get down to business...

  • Any of my old models (Bevels in white, blue, or yellow)
  • Krypto K-Beams
  • Santa Cruz stuff
  • Indy 169's and 166's
  • Blackhart wheels
  • Pipeline T-shirts (lrg or xl) or stickers
  • Badlands stuff (Pool Tools, Bullets, Ick Sticks, Don Hoffman D.H. model, posters, stickers, etc.)
  • White Yo-Yos
  • Tunnel Waldo Autry and stickers
  • Greg Aryes boards
  • Sims gloves and jerseys in xl
  • Logan Earth Skis
  • Santa Cruz team shirts from the 80's
  • Skateboarder posters (especially pipe ones)
  • Books on skating
  • Old vintage Fender amps before 1964
  • Firebird guitars
  • Anything pertaining to me and my little brother Micke Alba



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