Black Flag minus Germs = Punk 101
Black Flag was the band everybody loved after the Germs fell apart and Darby went to England to hang out with Adam Ant. They took over for the punkest band award.

FlagTheir image was pure controversy from their flyers to cover art for their records to their frantic performances which usually ended with an arguement, fight, and/or a riot. I saw every stage of Black Flag.

In my opinion, the early gigs are still the best.

The Cuckoos Nest, The Starwwod, The Fleetwood, Polish Auditorium, Baces Hall, and The Vex all saw Black Flag under many guises to keep the cops and city people at bay.

Nervous Breakdown has always been one of my fave Black Flag songs and I will never forget the "Black Flag kills Ants on contact" flyers they handed out at Perkins Palace the night before Adam and The Ants played. The ant people were bummed.

Baces Hall Riot... Film at 11!
We went in force that night; me, George Bellanger, James McGarrety, some guy nicknamed Apple, and Eric Egli. We were to meet Tony Alva, his brother Marc, Red Dog, Jay Adams, Duane, and I don't remember who else. It was sold out when we arrived from the land of the Bad. We had to find a way in (which we were quite good at). All the exit doors were shut and we could not bribe anybody so we decided to make a human ladder up to a window, open it, and climb in. We all thrived on this action so Muir—because he's the biggest—is the first link as we start climbing on top of him to the window above. Jayboy pops it open and swings his body in and disappears. One at a time we barge into the show and I fall onto a table right below the window. We are falling/dropping at least 6-8 feet. The force of my fall breaks the table legs and sends me crashing to the floor. Finally, I rushed to the side- door and let in all my bros that came with me.

Almost immediately, we get into a fight with X-head and a whole bunch of skinheads who were just getting into the scene. To them, their brand of English hooliganism was "happening" in 1979-80.

The White Rhino gets loose
U.X.A.Big George played football with me in Pop Warner and high school so he was a pitbull who weighed maybe 200 pounds and stood 5'6." George was the famous guy in Skateboarder magazine aptly named the White Rhino for his foot high mohawk. George was a maniac who punched through doors and broke bottles on his head on purpose to show how punk he was. He devastated opponents. The five of us along with Marc Alva and certain skatepunks, proceeded to take over the whole crowd (as usual). Nobody would mess with us once shit started. So the show goes on and Kent Senatore jams with U.X.A. Duane and I are right on the stage behind them.

After U.X.A., the crowd starts to swell and stampedes towards the exit doors. The cops are spraying mace and stopping the show. Black Flag hadn't even played yet (that was typical back then).

Outside, a crowd of angry punkers are lined up on one side of the street. On the other side are the cops along with the fire department. Tension is building as the police go on tactical alert. The punks are "seig heil" saluting the L.A.P.D. trying to goad the cops into attacking. The police commander blew the whistle to clear the area. All hell broke loose (like the riot scene in the movie Quadrophenia).

Mayhem ensues with cops beating down everybody in sight with billy clubs, shotguns, mace, water-hoses, helicopters... you name it. Some girl next to me got a club to the head and blood spurted out like a geyser. I went down to help her and WHACK!... I got struck across the back with a baton.

I was like... later skater!

Yardsale of Death
I started running and throwing shopping carts behind me to evade my police captures. In the fog of war broken bottles were flying everywhere. Car windows were being smashed-in with bricks and bandana-wrapped engineer boots. People were fighting and scuffling around. It was like a war with no bullets. Instead, it was punches, kicks, bites, tears, knives, rocks, batons, sticks, shopping carts, trash & debri, egg cartons, mirrors broken off cars, antennas snapped off Mercedes'. You name it!

It was all around you. But you know what...




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