Get it First-Hand
In the beginning, skaters were tight lipped about their spots and didn't bring outsiders unless asked or, a special event was happening (new pro talent or a photo session). The more serious players all had a network or what I love to call intelligence or survelliance systems that constantly looked for, and where, rad pools were.

Information was usually gained either by first-hand knowledge or second-hand knowledge. Most of the time second-hand info always led to shitty directions and /or wrong dimension size or surface texture. These are the kinds of things that really matter to a passionate poolskater who wants and needs to know the important details to be successful at such sabotage. First-hand intell was considered to be great because it offered pictures and/or video showing shapes, trannies, and obstacles and was generally regarded as the only way to gain the troops' confidence in planning successful poolraids on unsuspecting victims.

It's Important to Know Specifics - So Always ask.
For instance, does it really matter what side of the house to enter on? Say a dog barks the whole time you're in the backyard? Rover proceeds to blow your cover before you even get one ride because you had to drain 6 inches of water in a critical spot next to the drain.
Dogs really suck because they alert people to your presence so maybe say you enter on the other side of the house say on the left where the gate is a smaller to jump over, or maybe the one neighbor is cool on the left but not on the right. This kinda shit might seem trivial to you but, to me it's a very important tool in the survival of not getting caught and not alerting the local police to the subversive act of swimming pool terrorism.

So if you're quiet the dog won't hear you for the 10 minutes (this is the time it takes to drain and dry). If and when do start skating you'll have at least 10 more minutes to skate and destroy. The fact of the matter is you don't wanna get caught. It's this type of intell that's kept poolriding, the bastard son of skateboarding, alive and kicking all these years.



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