HurleyThe raddest program I am on. Hurley is by far the sickest, coolest company I ride for. They are the only company that pays me a salary. They believe in me and what I do as well as what I stand for.

They are completely punk-rock in attitude and will do anything I ask them. They fly me to contests and pay for me to go ride pipes. I have nothing but the utmost respect for their programs and I am honored to be part of their team. This team in my mind includes the best skaters in the world like Bob Gnar the Alien, Mike V, Kris M, Lincoln the flying circus man, The Butcher, and many more rippers who charge street, vert ramps, pools, and parks.

Mr.Hurley is just the nicest, coolest guy. If you need to contact him, he WILL get back to you. What company owner can claim that? If my kids need clothes or my wife needs some Happy Birthday presents they hook it up!

They are the best for sure!

Thanks a million to Paul Gomez for taking care of me all these years and P.K. for hooking me up originally (let's go skate some pools!), Mr.Bob Hurley, and Greg Teal (my main man!).

Gung Ho!!!!!!

Hurley, you fucking rule!

Independent Trucks
Indy CrossIndy is the raddest company ever. Built to grind and built to last since 1978. I have been a team rider since day one. I'll ride Indys until I stop skating. To me, they are the best trucks with the best logo, the best image, and of course the right attitude. @^%$#)*&":}><*%$@ Hot! I can't imagine riding any other truck. Since the very first day I tried them I have not looked back! Indy's forever baby! Thanks to Joey Tershay for hooking me up as well as Mr. V.

Spitfire Wheels
For the longest time it was Creative Urethane (it was my idea for the Bullet 66 S/C and speed wheels - the best selling wheel of all time). You're welcome for the commission check that made you rich Metiver!). Since Santa Cruz shit-canned me I have rode none better the Spitfires. Micke (my brother) used to ride for them before me and to be honest... there was a period when I received any wheels I could to wheel and deal. Rube was cool with that until one day he called and told me that Mr. Swenson was doubting my commitment.

Big HeadI told Ruben Orkin (the team manager at that time), that they did not send me enough wheels to keep me happy. If they did I would stop the shennigans with all the other wheel companies. He told the right people at the top, and from that day, they took great care of me. I have loads of people to take care of—and believe in—me. I won't ride any other wheel and I truly believe that Spitfires have the right stuff. I have been offered many wheel deals over the years. To me, there is no other wheel made that is worth a shit! Not to mention, since Ruben died, I vowed never ever to stray from Spitfire since he looked out for me. Spitfire's rule. How could you doubt the speed of a Merlin Rolls Royce engine of the original Spitfire airplanes? Spitfires forever! Thanks to all the great people at Deluxe like Jasin Phares, Mic-key Reyes, Jim Thiebaud, Todd the wheel shaper extradinaire, and Mr.Swenson.

Pro-Designed Pads
PD's!Mr. "Wild Man" himself, Bill Walker has flowed me P.D.'s since I first saw them in the great state of Texas back in 86' or 87'. My poor knees can't use anything but. If you ask me, they are the best for their pillowy padding. I Have not ever thought of using any other pads since I tried them years ago. If you want satisfaction get some P.D.'s. Plus, you can't get custom ordered designs anywhere else. Leather, Leopard skin, Cheeta h skin, Cowskin, Tie-dye, DEVO looking gold, Silver, and Red Denim. You send the material and he'll make it! Custom baby! You won't be sorry! Thanks Wild Bill for the support you have given me all these years!

Thrasher Magazine
Thrasher '83When Skateboarder/ Action Now Magazine took a shit in the early 80's, there was no other skateboard magazine to take it's place. Action Now Magazine tried to save itself by branching out into other extreme sports like BMX, surfing , fashion, and all that jazz. Whatever it was, it was not skating. They tweaked it. In reponse, Fausto Vitello, Ed Riggins along with K.T and Mofo, started the one and only Thrasher Magazine. It was newsprint large format (11X14) in black and white. They were all my good friends from the early days of the Hester Series and ripping skaters to boot. Most of them were along with us at the famous Clash, Cramps, and Dead Kennedys show up in the city where skaters made up slam-dancing (not a fricking mosh pit!). These guys had the right attitude about skating... hardcore, DIY, and did not just sit there and watch from the sidelines. They made skating history happen by being there along for the ride and participating. Since then, they have never faltered and did not sell-out to any corporate nonsense. I repeat, did not sell out! They don't have to worry about editorial content and if they wanna say "FUCK," they can! They don't have to worry about pissing off any lame advertisers or any of that crap. It's the punk attitude that has kept the flame burning forever. They have changed staffs through the years but, the best people have always worked there like K.T., Mofo, Bryce Knaights, Brian Brannon, B.Ware, and nowadays Jake Phelps and Luke Ogden rule the rule with Tony Vitello, Wez Lundry, Mike Burnett, the Gonz and myself. QWe are still telling our stories to our fellow bretheren. They have always shown the "real" side to skating from early parks and pools to the advent of the vert ramp (Thrasher ramp plans), street skating, tech dog gnarness, more pools, and of course, pipes, pipes, and more pipes!

Thrasher rocks!

Vans Shoes
They have the waffle sole and that's all that matters! Been around since 1966! That says something!

Fender Guitars
I just happened to call Alex Perex one day after "O" from Fluf gave me his number and mentioned that I got in the magazine with a Fender t-shirt I bought at the Thrift shop since I always dug that Fender sound! He told me to bring the mag to the custom shop in Corona and he would show his bosses that in turn got me hooked up through Fender. Since then they make me strings in any gauge I want and gave me a custom shop Strat for the instrumental music I make and adore, plus a couple of amplifier cabinets like a 2X12 for my 62' Bassman and a 4x10 cabinet plus speakers for my 59' Bassman guts I bought from some old guy in Palm Springs one day riding a pool. I have played a couple of showcases that they set-up like the Tempe street fair a couple of weeks ago. They are totally cool plus it was always a dream to play Fender instruments! Muchos Gracias Alex!

Smith Glasses
They make polarized shades for skating in pools and that's all that matters. Now I can see properly... keep em' coming boys. Corey Smith is the man!



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