Immediate Impact
S.AlbaStepping on a skateboard for the 1st time in 3rd grade, Steve
Alba graduated to bigger and better boards throughout the 70's
to become one of the most talented skaters to emerge during skateboardings vertical period. Winning the very first pool contest ever held at Spring Valley during the historic Hester Series
in 1978, Steve went on to win many contests including the last contest of the series at Big-O Skatepark in Orange, CA. These victories proved to all the doubters that Steve really did belong in skateboarding's vertical elite. It was because of Steve's consistent high-ranking finishes he earned the nickname "Le Machine." In between contests, Steve focused on strength and endurance at places like the Central Pool, L-Pool, Baldy Pipe, and later the proving grounds of Pipeline skatepark in Upland—home to some of the finest vertical riders to have ever have skated such as Chris Miller and brother Micke Alba.

Meet S.alba
The late 70's and early 80's saw Steve ride for many sponsers such as G&S, Tunnel, Ick Stick, Tracker, Powerflex, Gullwing, Alva, and Independent trucks (his longest running sponser). Colorado's Kryptonics offered Steve his first signature pro model—the "S.alba" Model (a moniker that exists to this day). According to those who were there, Steve got his new name "Salba" from Jim Ford who made his graphics by shortening his given name to make proper space on the "We never wood " board. Steves pro model would later become the best selling board during 1978-79.

Steve quit Kryptonics following the 2nd Hester Series final at the Boulder skatepark where he shot his board into the air venting his frustration at becoming the "All-American" skater that Skateboarder Magazine (and soon to be Action Now) editor D.David Morin wanted him to be, or the punk-rocker Steve knew he was. While pondering his future, the legendary Steve Olson jokingly said "Why don't you ride for Santa Cruz?"

He did.

Team Santa Cruz vs. The World
What was to become the first split in the All-American sports culture, the Santa Cruz team of Steve Olson, Steve Alba, and later Duane Peters brought the new culture of punk rock to the forefront of skateboarding. Taking on the whole sport

and shocking much of the skate world like the Z boys did at DelMar in 1975, the Santa Cruz team terrorized skateparks and competitors alike enforcing a modus operandi that is still practiced by todays youth. In 1979 Santa Cruz introduced the Steve Alba Bevel model. The Salba Bevel featured the first deep side-to-side concave and upturned nose to ensure foot placement during radical maneuvers.

The Legend Continues
Through the late 80's, 1990's, and today Steve has maintained a somewhat "cult status" for not only his place in skating's history, but also for his search and adventure for skating concrete not made to be skated. Specializing in finding and sniffing out pools, secret fullpipes, and concrete wonderlands, Salba started writing and taking pictures of his adventures for skate mags like Thrasher, Heckler, and Concussion. Although Santa Cruz would give Salba three more pro models during the late 80's and early 90's, the streetskate phase brought about major changes in the skateboard world and most of the vert pros from this era including Steve had their salaries slashed and pro models taken away making room for the new generation of street pros. Since then, Kelly Bellmar from Screaming Squeegies fame has made all of Salba's boards through his board company called Factory Mfg.

Although Steve is happily married with two boys, his obsession for pool-riding continuues and has allowed him to travel the world over in search of the motherlode of terrain and his exploits have most recently been seen on ESPN, Blue Torch "Rush Hour" on Fox Sports, and the underground cult DVD " Fruit of the Vine" (where Salba lent his writing skills to the special edition liner notes).


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