Mission: Impossible?
Lance Mountain called me one day to go skate Baldy pipe. We arranged to meet at my fave breakfast burrito place called EZ Out on Mountain Ave. Bob Gnar "the alien" showed up along with Jen.

Upside downThe six of us went up to Baldy to skate for a session. We walked through the field of weeds and dirt over the wooden bridge to the pipe. We warmed up and Lance said he wanted to film for his new Firm video.

Jesse took some turns as did Lance and I along with Bob. Bob said he wanted to try looping Baldy (which I personally thought was a pipedream).

He scoped it, then body positioned it and then tried to mentally picture it. "No way ", I told Lance. If anybody could do it... it was Bob. His hard wheels weren't cutting it so I lent him some of my softies which I always ride there.

An hour into the sess he actually went for it!

I could not believe it. He got upside down and fell from 1:00 o'clock (and catted out of it somehow). What a madman. Jen just watched and told me about the switch loop that Bob did just killing himself to live. She said he would slam so hard then just get up and do it again.

Mind over matter
Pioneer Bob GnarHe tried it again and again. He did it at least 14-15 times—coming real close—then slammed super hard. He broke his foot. He came close but no cigar.

I did not say anything because Lance wanted to keep it secret for his video. He did not make it so I thought nothing of it. I thought the videoman was a videoguy for Lance, not a double agent. History in the making for sure. I will give Bob Gnar credit for trying something nobody else has attempted!

He will make it one day, I'm sure.

Just to set the record straight
Despite the rumors, I did not carry him out on my back.


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